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Save Money and Skip the Furniture Rentals To Stage.

Updated: May 7, 2020

Staging is a great tool to help sell a property. It can elevate the asking price to not only cover the cost of staging but also add a nice profit in your pocket. But staging can also run you up to £300 a week or more on rental.

Unless your property sells quickly, be prepared for a high bill at the end.

Now check out these images:

I am not a fan of staging as it currently stands, it is a series of greyge designs that just blend in together and all of the pictures look the exact same. It also has no life or story to tell, it is just a strategic placement of furniture that allow buyers to see what pieces will fit where.

Don't they look similar to the next images?

Stagers today use the exact same color palette and mark up the product to make a profit.

Here is a tip: Most shops offer interior design services and can offer special pricing and incentives to use them to decorate your empty flat.

In my opinion the money that would go to a traditional stager should have been used to properly design the space and tell an elegant story that is enticing.

If you want to stage, just go to your local furniture shop and ask for a designer discount which can be as high as 20%. You save money by skipping the middle man and can still recoup by selling the furniture.

Make money on the sale of the property but my advice is to pass along the furniture discount to entice buyers.


If you ever need help creating a concept for your space using local stores and brands, please feel free to contact us and find out how we can help.

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