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Introducing Staging as a Lifestyle Experience

As former architects, we always looked at how a space will impacts a person's life. When designing a house we have to consider peoples basic habits and how the proposed floor plan will fit their familial patterns.

At GCT Marketing we believe each place has its own appeal , and it is important the design accentuates the properties best features. New developments today offer more than just 4 walls, they offer a lifestyle for those who expect a certain level of comfort. Amenities are put in buildings in order to attract a certain type of buyer, a gym for those that are health conscious, parking for those that drive, nursery for only makes sense that the staging do the same.

What is Staging?

Staging sounds like such a glamorous and foreign idea to many, but in its simplest form staging is the creating an environment that buyers can imagine themselves living in. Here are a few tips that will help you get your home ready to sell faster and for more money.

How To Start Staging Yourself

We want to help you do your part in order to sell your property quickly and save some time and money. Even if you hire a stager they will still be relying on you to accomplish some key tasks before they can do their work. We are going to write 3 tips in our next blogs to help you save time and money.

1- Decluttering: Tips and Apps to Help you Sort Out Your Flat!

2- Depersonalization: Remove Yourself From The Property

3- DIY Repairs and Touch Ups: Getting The Place Ready!

This Series is to help you Save Time and Money....GCT Marketing is here to help you navigate the sale of your property like a professional.....

Next Blog: Decluttering: Easy Way to Make Money

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