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How to Stage- Depersonalize Your Space

Welcome back, last time we discussed how to declutter and make some money, now that we have sorted our stuff and know what we are keeping we need to clear your essence from the space. A buyer coming to your home should be seeing as much of a blank canvas as possible.

When a buyer comes in and sees a lot of family pictures, personal items that scream someone else's home they will not feel comfortable to look around. Worst they won't see how their lives can fit in the space. Here is what you need to....


I know all these images bring you a lot of joy and happiness but this process of selling is to allow someone else a chance to have that same feeling. By removing yourself from the place you are creating an environment where buyers are free to dream.

2- Remove your shoes & jackets from the entryway

It has become common practice that when we come home we take off our shoes jackets at the door so we do not drag the outside dirt into our home, but for the purpose of selling....find a place to hide them. You DO NOT need a stager to tell you to do this, when you take them off just take them to your closet and leave them there...

3- Get Yourself a diffuser or an AirWick

Remember that smell plays a big part in selling....have you ever walked into a high end store and it smelled of dirty socks or food? NO, and neither should your home. Start sampling smells you can live with and bring you some joy having around, this can save you money from a stager making you buy some expensive fragrance that you do not even like.

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