• Christian T

How GCT redefined Staging Luxury Properties

GCT was created with the idea of treating luxury real estate with the respect it deserves. If someone took the pain to build something beautiful and unique, the design should match.

I remember walking into a $14 Million penthouse staged by a top brand with the option to buy furnished for an extra $1M. As I walked through the space i remember seeing each room with a lot of beige and muted tones, and in such a large space seeing each space in the same made blended together into a forgettable design. It read more like an extension of the showroom than it was about the character of the space.

After touring, I was approached by Cassandra, a PR rep, and told her that everything is beige and I cannot differentiate the master bedroom with the guest room and barely remember the place after just seeing it.

As we continued our conversation she asked me point blank: Do you think you could do better?

I immediately answered: "Yes. GCT has a network of designers and brands that will give you haute living design."

This was all I needed to say. She had me at her PR firm, showed me her client she wanted us to create a pitch for and the rest is history.