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How GCT redefined Staging Luxury Properties

GCT was created with the idea of treating luxury real estate with the respect it deserves. If someone took the pain to build something beautiful and unique, the design should match.

I remember walking into a $14 Million penthouse staged by a top brand with the option to buy furnished for an extra $1M. As I walked through the space i remember seeing each room with a lot of beige and muted tones, and in such a large space seeing each space in the same made blended together into a forgettable design. It read more like an extension of the showroom than it was about the character of the space.

After touring, I was approached by Cassandra, a PR rep, and told her that everything is beige and I cannot differentiate the master bedroom with the guest room and barely remember the place after just seeing it.

As we continued our conversation she asked me point blank: Do you think you could do better?

I immediately answered: "Yes. GCT has a network of designers and brands that will give you haute living design."

This was all I needed to say. She had me at her PR firm, showed me her client she wanted us to create a pitch for and the rest is history.

I contacted 2 of the best designers I knew James Riner and Bjorn Bjornsson to create each something unique for each penthouse.

The brands that participated absolutely made this staging a one of a kind work of art. We made sure each designer had access to what they needed and got what they wanted to make their design stand out.

Story: A financier that is in a long term relationship that likes to host and entertain at home. No kids.

brands: Baccarat, Neidermier, Century Furniture, Arteriors, Christofle, Elisabeth Sadoff Art Advisory, Cote France, Maya Romanoff.

We created the story for James Rixner as he loves to push the envelop of design and still make it inviting. He created a focal point with the dinning room with the Baccarat 24 light chandelier and opened the living by angling the sofa towards the light.

The walls and furniture is mostly neutral tones but the touches of color make the room pop and give plenty of character

The Family room is warm and inviting as natural wood finishes are applied in the seating and console. The wall paint tie in with the accessories and the green cushions to make the room cozy.

One of my favorite rooms, the green room. I never thought I would love a room with so much green but I love it. The different tones and the touches of orange, blue and brown, make it a interesting take on a guest bedroom.

The master bedroom is simple and elegant. Touches of cream, grey blue, and grey makes it feel like home.

Story: A family where the father is a banker, the mother a lawyer and they have 2 girls living in the flat.

Brands: Christopher Guy, Baker Furniture, Baccarat, Ankasa, Dakota Jackson Furniture, Sherwin Williams, Samad Rugs, Global Views.

We worked with Bjorn for his mastery at creating a space that is both elegant and inviting. Drawing his inspiration from the river views he uses a range of blue hues and combines it brilliantly with metallic finishes through out.

This Christopher guy table is one of my absolute favorites. It is such a striking piece in the style of Hollywood Regency, the white finish mixed in with the fine detailing is a perfect statement piece.

The hollywood regency desk and chair are a combination of dark and light add a nice contrast to the rest of the space and it acts as a decorative piece and a workspace for the busy parents.

Bjorn understand the power of details as he uses Sherwin Williams pearlescent pain to create strips to give the seating area depth and understated elegance.

The dinning room features dark wood finishes giving it a earthy tone.

The table setting is one of my favorites. The colors are just breathtaking.

The family room is full of color and life with the use of gold, red, and neutral tones.

Ventless fireplace anyone?

Dinette in the kitchen for family breakfast

Girls room number 1

Girls room number 2

That dresser with crystal knobs is absolutely delightful

And finally the Master Bedroom. A soft palette with slight touches of sparkle with the Baccarat Table lamps and matching floor lamp.

The artwork is one of my favorites.

The dressers are finished with linen fabric that adds a soft touch to the room.

If you want to see more please check out our portfolio

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