• Christian T

Experience the Paris Flea Market

Family trips are always packed with sight seeing and touring, one sight my mother and I never miss is the Paris Flea Market, Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, France is a place rich with history and through the ages has shown an affinity for style and design that has been the envy of Europe.

Do you notice that in France everything is petit....Un petit cafe, une petite sieste, un petit repas.... However nothing we saw was very petit, in fact it was the complete opposite. The pieces we found were majestic, grand, and superb.

My mom and I left my father and brother to go hunt for vintage finds. Here we are enjoying "un petit cafe" :-)

Once we had our coffee, we looked at our map and away we go...The Things we Found were absolutely stunning!

Vintage Baccarat Glasses

Mid-Century Modern Furniture