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Best Places to shop in Mallorca

I recently traveled to Mallorca with a very dear friend and as we toured the city we took the time to check out some furniture stores and the local flea markets. This little island is packed with some amazing stores, great beaches, and delicious food.

The hotel is nice enough, nothing luxurious but the grounds are clean and very close to the beach. Getting into town is easy by taxi or bus. The rooms are very basic and semi comfortable but for the price is is well worth it.

When in Palma, you will find many great places to eat tapas and enjoy a sangria. Our favorite was of course the white sangria, it goes well with pan con tomate and

Stores offers a huge range of furniture, lighting, and accessories. If you want to add a touch of color and style without breaking the bank check out some of these stores.

3. Frida Watson

It is also a great place to shop for antiques and vintage home products. There is an amazing flea market on Sundays where you can find some great deals, and shipping is very easy.

Next time you visit Palma, make sure you spend a Sunday and check out the flea market. You will find some amazing treasures that will bring a touch of history and intrigue to your home.

***A big thank you to Zach for making this trip a truly memorable experience.

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